Dock Systems for an Emerging Market: Human Fueled Watercraft…

Dock Systems for an Emerging Market: Human Fueled Watercraft…

blog2If you spend any time on or around the water you’ve likely seen an expansion in the prominence of human controlled watercraft.  This includes row boats, paddle boats, pedal boats, kayaks, canoes, surf skis, standup paddleboards, paddling shells or whatever else that is pushed by human force.

Sales for standup paddleboards (SUP) have expanded significantly since 2007 when they were initially presented in the United States.  In 2013, SUP deals were assessed at $15.6 million. Rowing clubs are springing up in areas all over that have entry to a suitable waterway and schools throughout the U.S. are experiencing an increase in rowing / paddling programs. Kayaking appeals to a broad range of people including fishers and divers and has turned into a mainstream recreational activity.

The rise of interest in human controlled watercraft is powered by various things from expense, to usability and family activity, signifying the importance of physical exercise and being outside.

So what does this mean for the marina industry, which generally caters to sailboats and power water crafts 20′ and bigger?

It means there’s a chance to engage with a rising and rapidly developing business sector. By providing easy access to the water for these individuals, marinas can create a new revenue stream providing an additional courtesy for their existing customers, and draw potential future customers.

Most human fueled watercraft can be car-topped and has minimal launching prerequisites. A low freeboard dock framework or one intended to provide easy launching and retrieving are the main necessities. One of Imperial Marine’s latest docks built for watercraft sports is an interesting low freeboard, kayak dispatching dock at a residence in Marco Island (very similar to the below photos).  A more extensive corridor may likewise be acknowledged to help with the simple transport of vessels on and off the dock.

If you are interested in learning more about some of the different dock designs that cater to this unique yet growing group of users, contact us at 239-272-6952 and we’d be more than happy to share the range of options with you.  Even consider the possibility of retrofitting existing docks for the human fueled watercraft.

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