What You Should Know About Vinyl Piling Seawalls

What You Should Know About Vinyl Piling Seawalls

sea-wall-002Vinyl seawalls are sustainable, eco-friendly, recyclable and made from over 90% recycled PVC. Imperial Marine Construction offers the strongest vinyl seawall materials available. In fact, we use the only manufacturing facility built solely for the purpose of extruding vinyl sheet pile. Vinyl seawalls provide a more cost- effective, sustainable and attractive building material for seawalls that can be installed easier and last a lifetime without toxic coatings or preservatives. Vinyl sheet piling is corrosion resistant, UV resistant and impervious to marine worm damage and is the top choice for homeowners & contractors worldwide. Top Five Benefits for choosing Vinyl Piling

1. Compared to other materials, vinyl piling seawalls are relatively inexpensive.

2. Your vinyl seawall is manufactured to be resistant to the ultraviolet rays of the sun. Other materials, wood especially, deteriorate over time in part due to the sun’s relentless radiant energy and UV rays. Vinyl is designed to withstand that.

3. A vinyl seawall is not affected by marine borers. Those little sea critters love to come across a big wood seawall and latch on for an extended meal. When the seawall is made of vinyl, it’s like putting up a sign for them that says “Buffet closed.”. They have no interest whatsoever in boring into vinyl.

4. A vinyl seawall is generally easier to install. Since vinyl is manufactured to very exacting standards, it does not have the natural imperfections and deformities found in wood. It is classified as “impact resistant”. Ease of installation may not seem like a big selling feature from the homeowner’s point of view, but it is. The sooner we can get your seawall installed, the sooner the equipment is off your property. Also, a faster installation means lower labor costs.

5. Vinyl will not change in appearance for a very long time. Wood has that rich coloring, and steel looks bright and shiny
when first installed. However, the color fades and the nice finish becomes tarnished before long. It can be a little disappointing to see what was once a beautiful wood seawall begin to fade and decay in a relatively short period of time. Vinyl tends to remain in its initial attractive state longer than other materials.

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