Ongoing Maintenance Contracts

  •  Boat Lifts

We will visit your site two times per year, go over your entire lift, do adjustments if required and grease on each visit.  This is an important step in caring for your lift to ensure years of dependable use.

  • Seawalls

After the installation of a new seawall, we will return to your site, evaluate the drain, and add any required stone due to settling.  Stone over your drain is important to keep sand and larger debris from clogging your drains, a cause for future drain failure.

  • Docks

Aside from the manufactures warranty, we will visit your site twice per year, evaluate the entire scope of work, tighten any loose fasteners, and give you notice if any others issues are noted.

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Marine Lighting

Dock lights need to be extra durable to contend with the rigors of use in marine environments, which is why many customers turn to our exceptional selection of high-quality dock lighting. Homeowners, marina operators, retail shops, and homeowners rely on the unbeatable inventory of marine-grade products at Imperial Marine Construction for all of their dock needs, from pilings to lighting.

Builders, Homeowners & Realtors

Marine Construction Appraisals

If you or your customer are in need of any marine construction projects, we are asking that you give us the opportunity to work with you.  We are fully licensed, insured, and have many outstanding referrals from our customers and vendors.

We specialize in designing docks and land decks to enhance the Florida Lifestyle of outdoor living.  We are expert at seawall installation, both vinyl and concrete.  We install rip rap, do pile wraps, French drains, boat lifts and platforms, seawall caps and drains, and repairs of all types.  We also have an annual service program for boat lifts and a maintenance plan for docks and seawalls.

We offer a low-cost, professional Marine Evaluation for your clients, either before purchasing or building in Collier County.  Our evaluations are point by point and cover all areas of marine constructions.