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Your Personalized Boat Docks

For over 20 years, Imperial Marine Construction continues to be the premier company that southwest Florida can count on for a custom designed dock. We’ll help you choose from a variety of colors, styles, and materials to create and build a unique dock that meets all your waterfront needs.

Designed for beauty, enjoyment and especially safety, your Imperial Marine dock will also receive routine maintenance and repairs giving you continued enjoyment and peace of mind for years to come.

Imperial Marine Construction believes in quality work. That is why we never compromise on our commitment to provide you with consistent fair costs to fit your budget, exceptional service and a realistic schedule of completion.

We invite you to call us with questions and schedule a consultation to start designing your dream dock.

Available Dock Accessories

Fish Cleaning Tables
Dock Carts
Dock Lighting
Dock or Pool Showers
Hose Holders
Water Stanchions
Dock Wheels|
Fish Attraction Lights
Floating Docks
Bumpers & Fenders
Ladders, Cleats
Piling Caps
Line Holders
Pile Wrap
Fiberglass Dock Boxes
Dock Steps
Trash Receptacles
Power Pedestals
Dock Floats
Styrofoam Billets
Floating Dock Hardware
Gangways & Ramps
Floating Dock
Gangways & Ramps
Jet Ski Docks
Mooring Whips
SlideMoor™ Mooring Systems
Marker Buoys
Mooring Buoys
Nautical Hose Holders
Nautical Address Plaques
Galvanized Fasteners
Stainless Steel Fasteners
Fish Cleaning Tables
Fish Attraction Lights
Power Pedestals

Composite Decking For Your Dock

At Imperial Marine Construction, we provide a diverse collection of modern and quality materials to meet each client’s waterfront dock needs. Composite materials is one option to consider as a lower maintenance alternative to wood decking. The advantages that composite decking has over wood is that it never needs sanding, staining, or refinishing. However, composite decking is not necessarily maintenance free and many types of composite decking actually contain some wood fibers. So, it’s important to clean the deck regularly to avoid mold or mildew issues that can grow in damp or shady areas of the decking.

Some clients prefer to add plastic decking materials into the composite dock category. Unlike composite decking, which is usually made from a combination of plastic and wood fibers, true plastic decking is generally composed of 100% recycled and or virgin plastic. Plastic decking eliminates the potential for decay caused by mold or mildew. but can sometimes be prone to cracking.

Composite or plastic decking is a great upgrade from wood providing low-maintenance and long term durability for a dock application.

Professional marine craftsmen

The skilled craftsmen at Imperial Marine Construction design and build docks by using only quality materials that are long lasting and weather resistant.

Our boat docks are sturdy and built to last. You can rest easy knowing you and your loved ones are not only enjoying the amenities of your personalized, Imperial Marine dock but most importantly, the security of a safe, marine environment.

  • Wood Docking

  • Dock Staining

  • Weather Resistant

  • Pressure-Treated Wood

  • Composite

  • Vinyl Decking

  • Brazilian Hardwood